Tom Bowen Legacy Trust Fund (TBLTF)

The Tom Bowen Legacy Trust Fund (TBLTF) was formed to support children with disabilities. The TBLTF offers help to children who have received Bowen Therapy treatment and has been actively involved in providing gifts to children who require special help with items of electrical and mechanical equipment to enhance their quality of life.

This not-for-profit organisation was originally set up in Geelong, Australia in 2003 by co-trustees Ron Phelan (member of the Bowen Therapists' Federation Of Australia) and Chris Reed (president of the Bowen Association of Australia).

Tom Bowen (the originator of the various forms of Bowen Therapy taught today) found the time he spent helping children with disabilities extremely rewarding and the TBLTF was initiated to continue this important work.

TBLTF in the UK

TBLTF UK is a small charity - the trustees are Claire Harrison (Chair person), Erica Moss (Vice-Chair person), Graham Hayden and Jo Patterson - and aims to replicate the success of TBLTF Australia. We are looking for support from practitioners, student practitioners and clients - anyone who has benefited from The Bowen Technique. To continue this great legacy in the UK we urgently need you to make a contribution:

  • Post a cheque to the Tom Bowen Legacy Trust Fund to the address shown below.
  • Collect contributions at your clinic in a specially marked tin/box, which can be forwarded to the trust fund when full.  (Please contact us for a copy of the Australian label to attach to your tin).
  • The Bowen Therapy Professional Association (BTPA) allows practitioners to make a donation when they renew their membership should they wish to do so.

The trust would appreciate input and support, especially in the organisation and selection process. We are appealing to anyone independently running a children’s clinic, members of regional interest groups (RIGs) and especially all practitioners across the country and their clients. If you would like to be involved with the TBLTF UK, please contact Erica Moss on the number below or at


Tom Bowen Legacy Trust Fund UK

Ty Gwaen, Old Racecourse
Shropshire SY10 7HW

Telephone: 01691 655 139






2014 was a big year for TBLTF UK with the inaugural meeting of the TBLTF UK small charity being held at the end of April. Having trustees on board, TBLTF UK is going from strength to strength. Thanks to the efforts of Claire Harrison the fund now has corporate support of Balens and NWN Media.

One of the recipients of the awards for 2014 was a little boy called Jayden, who has Hypoxic Brain Injury through near drowning. The trustees were delighted to be able to award £2000 towards an adapted bike which will help to maximise his circulation and respiration, lessen any stiffness in his joints and muscles, and to increase his mobility (especially in his spine, pelvis and knees).

Thank you to everyone who has contributed and made it possible for us to award 5 very deserving cases in 2013. Hopefully with your continued help we will be able to achieve the same this year.

As you are all aware every little helps and the difference that we can make to a child and family through something very simple can be huge. We received a thank you letter from a grandmother of a child we were able to help, a 5 year old little boy called Harvey who has Cerebral Palsy, we would like to share a few words of what she had to say:
Being able to buy the Britax traveller car seat has made so much difference to a car journey with him, as you can imagine he has to spend a lot of time in the car. The Bowen Therapy is really making a difference to children’s lives and we as a family are extremely grateful for all your help.” (Sylvia Thomas)

We would also like to thank the ‘Free Bowen For Children Clinic’ based in the village of Cross, near Axbridge in Somerset. Four Bowen therapists – Shan Ford, Tina Taylor, Patrick Mohan and Alex Holloway – were inspired to set up the clinic in 2004 after hearing Howard Plummer speak about his Cardiff Children’s Clinic. The therapists also wanted to pay tribute to Tom Bowen who treated children with disabilities for free. The group has now changed, with Shan and Tina sadly having to leave, but Sue Saunders joined the team last year and the group will soon be welcoming Patrick’s wife Sally, currently training in the Bowen Technique.

We decided that we would treat children with any problem, ranging from asthma and growing pains to challenging behaviours and severe disabilities. It is testament to the Bowen Technique that we continue to treat some of these children, even 10 years on” says Alex. “We volunteer our time to give Bowen treatments to the children. Parents and guardians provide donations to cover the running costs of the clinic. Thanks to our benevolent clinic owner, Nigel Lincoln, the running costs are minimal and we find we have enough spare cash to donate to charity. To date we have donated £2,300 to Children’s Hospice South West, which cares for terminally ill children and provides much needed support for their families. It is our pleasure now to also contribute to the Tom Bowen Legacy Trust Fund, and how amazing it feels to pay tribute to Tom Bowen in this way.”

The Children’s Clinic is quite straight forward to run, and is a brilliant way to introduce The Bowen Technique into a community, since parents are great at spreading the word about this wonderful therapy. Our private practices have benefited from the clinic, but there is nothing better than feeling you have helped a child and their family through a problem, and in such a lovely calm way, and that is why we will continue the Clinic as long as we are able to do so. We would encourage anyone thinking about setting up a Children’s Clinic to go for it!

In addition to the above we would also like to say thank you to Delphi Diesel Aftermarket who held another ‘dress down day’ and kindly donated all the proceeds to TBLTF UK.

There was a steady flow of donations during 2013 and we would especially like to thank Maria Christoforou who as a practising part-time Bowen Therapist recognises the importance of the Tom Bowen Legacy Trust Fund UK. Maria approached the HR department at her workplace (Delphi Diesel Aftermarket) to consider a donation to TBLTF UK. Maria says "Every year the company holds a Global Excellence week. Throughout the week Delphi sites worldwide recognise the significance of Excellence & Culture through charity work, educational events and employee recognition. Through efforts of colleagues at the Global Headquarters in Leamington Spa we raised significant sums for various charities and I am proud that the TBLTF UK received a donation from Delphi". Maria and her colleagues are endeavouring to repeat this event and proceeds will go to the TBLTF UK.

All of us here at the office would like to thank everyone who has made it possible to make these presentations as without your input and generosity we would not be able to help these children and families who need our support.

Click on the TBLTF Awards link above to read about the latest awards.

TBLTF flyer to distribute to clients

We had the assistance of the graphic design company 'Box Three' ( to produce a glossy A5 flyer which explains in an easy format what the fund is about. Ideal to give out to any clients with children, or leave in your clinic reception.

These flyers are being made availabe, by BTPA, for free (with a £2 postage charge applied per 100 leaflets).

If you are a member of BTPA visit the merchandise page of the members area ( to place an order for these flyers.

We hope that therapists find these flyers useful and thank you once again for helping us spread the word about TBLTF and continue to raise essential funds for those children with special needs that we can help.


2011 ended on a high for Birgitte & David Howells as they visited the home of Tom Bowen, staying with Ron Phelan and his partner Gianna. The visit was memorable in many ways but firstly it was a belated honeymoon with 3 days spent in Sydney. Then down to Ocean Grove just north of Geelong. Ron and Gianna were the perfect hosts and gave us the tour. We visited the various locations of Tom’s clinics; the park with the memorial bronze of Tom’s hands and Ron introduced us to Dr Romney Smeeton, Chiropractor who along with Dr Kevin Ryan, Osteopath were the last people to work with Tom.  They also continued Tom’s free clinic for disabled children and adults up until 1992. Romney shared with us a couple of indicators of how Tom treated disabled children and adults.

Another highlight of our visit was a meeting with Tom’s younger sister Agnes Shaw (in the middle of the picture) and she filled in many of the gaps about her brother.  Agnes is very committed to TBLTF and she made the last presentation out there so it was good to get a real feel of this and realise how much good the TBLTF is doing out in Australia.



Thank you to Michael Morris and Jenny Holcombe of the Tonic Health Children's clinic (Spalding, South Lincolnshire) who are donating 10% of their income treating children to the TBLTF UK.

In the BTPA journal, ‘In Touch’, we told you about Maggie Hebblethwaite-Sharpe who kindly offered 10% of all her CD ("hryckiv….in blue") sales to TBLTF UK; she has gone one step further and has designed a variety of greetings cards to sell where a percentage goes to TBLTF UK. These cards have proved very popular in my clinic and are unique in their design. Anybody interested in selling these cards just contact Maggie; you will find her contact details on her website

In addition we would also like to say a special thank you to the practitioners, their colleagues and members of the public listed below who have kindly donated through numerous methods such as talks, demonstrations and taster sessions, and by placing charity boxes in clinics:

  • BTPA and all its members
  • Rosalind Marie Fallon & the Bidford W.I.
  • Heart of England RIG for their contribution after a talk on NST by David
  • Erica Moss
  • Rosetta Barker of County Tipperary who kindly donated £100
  • Claire Phillipson, for raising £50 by providing Bowen taster sessions.
  • Mary MacFarlane from Midlothian, who donated £35 after giving a talk about Bowen Therapy to the charity
  • Mrs DM Punnett - Bowen Practitioner in Antigua.
  • Richard Baverstock (for website services -

Remember - every donation helps us to help a child in need, nominated by you.