About the TBLTF UK

TBLTF UK is a non-profit organisation - Meet the current Trustees. We are looking for support from practitioners, student practitioners and clients - anyone who has benefited from The Bowen Technique.

The trustees would appreciate your input and support, especially to identify children who would benefit from a TBLTF award. We are appealing to anyone independently running a Bowen children’s clinic, members of regional interest groups (RIGs) and especially all practitioners across the country and their clients. If you would like to be involved with the TBLTF UK, please contact us.

Free leaflets

We have new trifold leaflets which explains what the fund is, the types of awards made and how you can request support from the TBLTF. If you would like to receive some of these leaflets, get in touch and let us know how many you need (these are free).


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If you have a Facebook account please follow the Tom Bowen Legacy Trust Fund UK for updates on our activities and awards made.

You may also wish to follow the Bowen Children's Clinic Network. This network aims to provide general information, discussions, Q&As, clinic info, testimonials, photos, case studies. It is for use by anyone with an interest in Bowen for children.


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If you have an Instagram account please follow the Tom Bowen Legacy Trust Fund UK to see the latest photos and promotional videos.


Find a Bowen Therapist

There are two main professional associations in the UK - The Bowen Association UK - and The Bowen Therapy Professional Association (BTPA).

Find a children's clinic

If you are looking to find a Bowen Therapy clinic which specifically treats children, you may wish to visit the Bowen Therapy Professional Association (BTPA) website.

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